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Instantly understand why your KPIs are changing and drive your business with data-driven decision making.

More data, not enough time

Are you tired of filtering through dashboards, responding to ad hoc root-cause analysis requests, or setting up the same reports over and over again to understand why your metrics are changing?

Monthly Churn Rate3.12 %12%0.4%Customer Acquisition Cost245.212%0.9%Monthly Recurring Revenuefrom 246.1k255.5k €3.81%
1 Mar 2020255.5246.1MRR +3.81%1 Feb 20201FEBRUARY2020-1MARCH20203,81% based on 2,385 samples3.81% increase in monthly recurringrevenue (MRR in €)

Augmented analysis, no black box magic

Stop searching. Let Kausa test millions of hypotheses and deliver more accurate explanations for your changing metrics within seconds. Kausa explains changes in your data 24/7 allowing you to take action and improve your KPIs immediately.

Explanations, not opinions

Deliver proactive explanations before you are even asked, make better decisions for your company, and avoid problems before they appear. With Kausa, you seize opportunities with confidence and make every decision based on the data you already have.

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