Because you know better

Kausa finds all the reasons why your metric has been changing over time in a matter of seconds.

Because you know better

Built for teams

Marketing & Sales

Automatic insights on your fast-changing metrics

Stop slicing and dicing with dashboards or SQL and let Kausa find the key drivers behind changes in your metrics in a fast and comprehensive way.

Real-time data-driven decisions

Kausa accelerates data exploration and delivers automatic insights, enabling you to act on your data instead of reacting.

Proactive analytics on revenue metrics

Detailed insights into what customers, programs and promotions drive your fast-changing revenue metrics in seconds.

Drive confident decisions

Forget the uncertainty around missing a crucial insights, as Kausa finds all drivers in a comprehensive and non-biased way.

Optimize marketing efforts

Fully understand your customer behaviour real-time and act upon accordingly to improve your marketing metrics.

There is a better way to explore data

Slicing and dicing data with dashboards, SQL, or notebooks is a lengthy and tedious process. Kausa automates data exploration by testing all potential hypotheses in seconds.

Ask the right questions

Understand the main drivers of your KPI, know why a group is more successfull compared to another, and all of that continuously over time.

Finding reasons for KPI changes should be fast

Identify the driving factor combinations ranked by their change in average at an unmatched speed. Understand what is causing the change in average by having it split into change in behaviour and change in size.

Finding reasons for KPI changes should be fast

Better reasons lead to better decisions

Kausa not only helps to continuously explain top-level KPI changes but also surfaces invisible changes in complex and multi-dimensional data.

Collaboration is at the core

Kausa enables you to directly collaborate with your colleagues through sharing, tagging, and commenting. So that you can turn reasons into actions.

Collaboration is at the core

Reporting is essential

Compare reasons for change and compile compelling communication collateral using reports to improve your business.

Would you like to know

why your metric is changing?

Your data is our responsibility

Kausa has been built with security and privacy at its foundation.

No data replication

Your data is always in transit and encrypted. We neither store nor replicate it.

Identity management

Use our state of the art identity provider or employ SAML for enterprise-grade SSO.

Regular penetration testing

Authorised hackers regularly test the attack surface by following a structured testing methodology (OWASP Top 10).

Dependency auditing

We audit our third party dependencies continuously to identify outdated and insecure requirements.

Runtime application self-protection (RASP)

Our RASP actively detects attacks and traces them from network requests down to the line of code.

TLS & AES 256

All communication is secured using Transport Layer security (TLS) & the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256).

Audit trail

An audit trail helps us with the governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing.

Web application firewall (WAF)

Our WAF inspects all incoming traffic and uses pattern-matching to detect and block malicious traffic.

Connect to your data warehouse

No need for a complicated and lengthy setup. By connecting directly with your cloud data warehouse, Kausa ensures that you always act upon the most recent data.

Collaborate on queries

Incrementally develop queries to fetch data for analysis. Account for 1-to-many relationships through object and array aggregations.

Collaborate on queries

Every answer raises a new question

Drill down into your data to find the real root cause. Experiment with the factor combinations to explore what is impacting your metric.

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The modern data stack

Kausa fits into your stack

Dashboards and reporting tools help you to understand what is happening and how your company is performing. Kausa enables you to understand the “why”.

Kausa fits into your stack

What makes us different

Because regression is not all there is

Causal inference techniques along with business analytics approaches unravel what truly changes your KPIs, while predictive modeling falls flat.

If the world was two-dimensional, life would be very odd indeed. Think about it: The earth would not be a sphere but a circle — just like all other stars and planets in a 2D-universe.

Beings would be flattened, too, navigating a plane landscape and existence. To pass somebody on the street, for example, you would have to jump over that person as there would be no depth whatsoever. For the same reason, to just look behind you, you would literally have to turn yourself upside down.

Fortunately, this is not the world we live in. But unfortunately, this is the basis on which most enterprises are run today — perhaps even yours. In any technology-driven business, the quality of your decision-making is inevitably based on the quality of your data insights. In too many companies, however, those insights are effectively two-dimensional: flat, impractical, and hopelessly inconclusive.

Because you know better

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