Kausa is a diagnostic analytics platform that continuously analyzes your data and helps you understand why your metrics are changing within minutes, so that you can take instant action to improve them. Using machine learning, Kausa performs 24/7 automated analysis, alerts teams on the drivers of significant changes and reduces the time your team spends on manual data analysis by 90%.

Fast-forward and start your analysis from the most significant drivers, reduce time to actionable insights and never overlook a metric improvement opportunity again.

Trusted by most data-forward companies

Kolibri Games decided to work with Kausa to uncover insights in real-time and make better decisions.

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Key Benefits


Augment diagnostic analytics

Anyone can observe a metric change from a dashboard, but finding β€œwhy” they changed becomes a daunting task with archaic BI tools. Don’t let your teams waste their time trying to manually diagnose metric changes. And don’t let your business be put on hold because of it.

Kausa accelerates manual data exploration by 10x, by augmenting analytics workflows and automatically points your attention where it matters the most.


Reduce time to actionable insights

Observations are not enough to enable smart business decisions. While business stakeholders are awaiting actionable insights, analysts are usually stuck in a speed and comprehensiveness trade-off that doesn’t lead to an actionable outcome.

Kausa tests and ranks millions of hypotheses in a matter of seconds, offering the right balance between speed and thoroughness. And let your valuable resources focus on strategic tasks.


Never overlook a business opportunity

Analyst teams are reacting to an increasing number of requests every day. Kausa triggers instant action by sending daily alerts on the most significant drivers of metric changes.

This significantly reduces time to actionable insights and allows teams to uncover 50% more metric improvement opportunities compared to manual slice and dice.

How would you like to free your data team from manual work and Β start acting on strategic insights?Β 

Built for teams


For Data Teams

Become trusted advisors that deliver actionable insights in real-time, by automatically testing every hypothesis in your data. Machine Learning (ML)-driven diagnostics and self-service data exploration increase the impact of your team, enabling you to scale diagnostic analytics and focus on more complex questions.


For Business Teams

Dashboards are not telling why your key metrics change. Kausa lets you monitor metrics and understand key changes with a few clicks. You can automatically analyze all the available data without the need to ask your data team. This way you can be agile and make accurate decisions at the speed of business.




Adapt to rapid changing consumer behavior with Kausa. 

Understand why key metrics such as basket size and average order value change and improve performance.



From user acquisition to product launches and gaming improvements, Kausa helps your gaming companies to understand how to optimize installs and monetization faster than any other platform.



Navigate the competitive and fragmented market and outperform the competition by taking a thorough look into factors affecting conversion, transactions and retention.

Complex analytics questions took around 1 week and involved many analysts testing all hypotheses. With Kausa, we can now understand changes in key metrics in minutes and are not overlooking any insights or opportunities.

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Christopher Ling

Director of Data Platform & Analytics at Kolibri Games

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Automated and scalable analytics can save data and business teams countless hours,Β while improving performance and user engagement. Β