Say you had an unexpected spike in sales recently: visible on your BI dashboards. But let us take a closer look at its colourful charts and columns: BI tools paint a pretty accurate status of what is happening across your departments and how you’re holding up against your set goals. However, they are drawing a blank when it comes to the most interesting question: why are your metrics changing? What is causing the effects displayed on your dashboards?

Your data insights inevitably set the quality of your decision-making. To analyse the root cause of metric changes you will turn to your data analysts. But in any tech-driven enterprise, and using conventional methods, this is a pitiful task indeed β€” like bringing a fishing rod to search an ocean. Guesstimating where to go; trying different baits and decoys; then making the best out of whatever bites. In a best-case scenario, this only takes hours; in the worst case, up to several weeks. Worse still: this process repeats itself for each KPI change.

But what if, instead of a single fishing rod, you’d have a gigantic web at your disposal β€” allowing your analysts to sweep the entire ocean at once? What if there was a way to reveal all relevant information in one go, screening your datasets from every possible angle?

Kausa is an Augmented Analytics Platform that provides you with a thorough understanding of why your metrics are changing. The Kausa Algorithm weaves a web of possible explanations, combining methods from causal inference and differential topology. Unlocking all available dimensions to your data, Kausa presents you with actionable insights in seconds. Kausa does this comprehensively and continuously, putting you ahead of the game and allowing you to act on your data β€” instead of reacting to it.

By reliably showing you what causes change across your KPIs, Kausa finally lets your analysts use their time for what they do best: contextualising insights and providing a narrative for a decision.

Unlocking new dimensions and unleashing your analysts, Kausa lets you understand all your data, all the time β€” enabling you to make better decisions, every single day.