5 signs indicating that you need a Decision Intelligence platform

Business executives make millions of decisions annually, but bad decisions are almost as common as the good ones, costing companies millions in a year. What are the signs that you can benefit from a decision intelligence platform?

Through our conversations with clients as well as other business and data leaders, we have identified 5 crucial signs,Β showing that a business needs a scalable decision intelligence platform to inform high speed and high quality decision-making. Β 

1. Abundant and complex data, but not enough insights

If your teams are overwhelmed by data due to poor data quality or inefficiencies in handling and analysis, a change is needed to empower teams with data.


2. Hyper-competitive and fast-paced industry

If you aren’t moving fast enough, it means you are falling behind competitors, missing opportunities or losing significant market share.


3. Lack of ROI of data analytics efforts

Establishing data and analytics efforts in the right way is like a marathon. But most companies fail to run the last mile focused on insight generation and taking action.


4. Unable to identify why metrics change

Traditional business intelligence tools provide a high level overview of what is happening with your metrics, but they fail to answer why metrics are changing.


5. No time to focus on strategic tasks

Not knowing why metrics change pushes teams to a proactive approach, spending too much time on tactical tasks and losing the focus on the strategic ones.

Do any of these issues sound familiar? Β Learn more about our decision intelligence platform and how it can help improve decision-making to unlock opportunities.Β 

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