Published on Tue 24 Jan, 23


Yagmur Anis

Senior Marketing Manager

Are you tired of receiving rushed messages, asking why one of your key metrics tanked, and leaving you wondering what happened overnight? We've all been there. But what if you could take proactive action before things go wrong?

We know that as data becomes more complex, it can be a real challenge to understand the "why" behind changes in key metrics. With Kausa's ML-powered diagnostic analytics platform, you can analyze your data 24/7 and receive automated insight messages over Slack (or any other messenger platform of your choice) daily. This way you can skip 90% of the manual analysis, knowing exactly where to look for the main drivers of metric changes. This would allow you to focus on contextualizing surfaced data points, taking action to improve metrics, and achieving strategic goals.

What are the best metrics to follow with automated insight messages?

Kausa can analyze any metric and send you automated messages on changes. But we particularly recommend setting automated insight messages for the metrics that are critical to your business and can change rapidly. Examples include conversion rate, average order value, and return on ad spend across different regions or territories.

How does it benefit business and data teams?

In addition to offering a proactive approach to analytics for both business and data teams, automated insight messages also offer unique benefits for each team.

It helps data teams to:

  • break free from the ticketing system dynamic, by providing effective self-service analytics
  • save hours of time by starting their analysis from a place where every hypothesis is tested and the main drivers ranked

It offers business teams: an easy way to consume insights, integrated into their daily workflow reduced time to insights by removing the back-and-forth they have with data teams

How does it work?

Let’s consider a specific example. You are part of the marketing team of an eCommerce platform and weekly active users (WAU) is one of your Northstar metrics. Instead of you logging on to a dashboard every day to view how WAU changes, Kausa pushes you daily notifications on Slack, where you already collaborate with your teams.

When everything behaves as expected, you can take a quick glimpse at this message and get back to your other priorities. And when there is a significant decrease in your weekly active users(WAU), Kausa points out the customer segment that is contributing the most to this change. For example, highlighting that even though there was a drop in the total number of users that churned, there was a sharp decrease in the segment of users with a returning streak of 4.

Product - ahead of game.png

This simple prompt allows you to skip hours of menial work on dashboards, and instead, direct your attention to what is happening with returning users. So by the time the question of β€œWhy our WAU is down” comes up, you would be already looking into what has triggered a negative trend in returning users. You can focus on identifying what stopped them from returning to the site/app for purchase and take action to recapture their attention before it is too late.

Setting up automated insight messages with Kausa is easy. They are fully customizable and you can choose the messages to be delivered to public or private chat channels. Once you receive a notification, you can collaborate directly with your team on the same platform, and click to explore further in Kausa.

Businesses that change fast need proactive action to succeed. As a result, companies that reduce their time to actionable insights and catch opportunities at the right time will be the ones to stay ahead of the curve.

Try out Kausa today to fast-forward the manual analysisΒ and start taking proactive action. Β 

About the author and Kausa

Yagmur Anis is the Sr. Marketing Manager at Kausa.

Using machine learning, Kausa can analyze all your data, diagnose why metrics are changing, and provide actionable insights to improve business performance. With Kausa teams can save countless hours on data analysis and get ahead of competition by finding opportunities to unlock hidden value.