Kolibri Games diagnoses why their metrics change within minutes

Kolibri Games, a mobile gaming company part of UbiSoft, partnered with Kausa to better understand the drivers for metrics changes and to create the best gaming experience through actionable insights.

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Gaming industry moves extremely fast. Therefore, Kolibri User Acquisition(UA) teams run campaigns across various channels and countries on a daily basis, while product teams are releasing continuous game updates and test new titles. In order to excel in user acquisition efforts and build an extraordinary experience for players, they needed a thorough and fast understanding of WHY their metrics change and diagnose where to act.

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Complex analytics questions took around 1 week and involved many analysts testing all hypotheses. With Kausa, we can now understand changes in key metrics in minutes and are not overlooking any insights or opportunities.

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Christopher Ling

Director of Data Platform & Analytics at Kolibri Games

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