Bring business focus to your data infrastructure

Business demands and expectations from data is constantly changing and evolving. Keep up with these requests requires agility and flexibility.

While the traditional data stack was hard to set up, restricted in its computational power and slow in providing insights, Modern Data Stack brings the focus on business needs and impact, while offering a flexible structure that makes it easy to experiment and improve.

Modern Data Stack

Modern data stack is a set of cloud based tools that enables an end-to-end flow of data from initial data collection, to integration, from storage and transformation to analysis and activation. This ecosystem of cloud-native tools simplifies the process of adding/changing tools and makes data and analytics efforts easy to scale while reducing costs.

How does Kausa fit into your stack?

Residing at the augmented analytics category of the analysis layer, Kausa fits seamlessly into the modern data stack, integrating directly to your data warehouse. Using machine learning, our platform enables businesses to automate their data analysis, speeds time to insights and offers and reveals hidden business opportunities.

While dashboard solutions, that also belong to the analysis layer, visualize what is happening in your business, Kausa helps businesses to run comprehensive root-cause analysis, testing millions of hypotheses within minutes and uncovers why your key metrics are changing. This way, you can focus on making the changes that will improve your top-line.

Kausa integrates with any data warehouse within minutes.  Reach out to try Kausa on your own data and start uncovering actionable insights.