Key benefits


Understand metrics

Dive deeper into your data and better understand the emerging trends and main drivers behind key metric changes.


Act fast

Stop spending hours on repetitive and manual tasks, automate your data exploration process and reach to actionable insights within minutes.


Create business impact

Prove the value of data by bringing an impact-driven and proactive approach to analytics. Don’t let a single second or single dime go wasted.

Discover business opportunities through data-based insights.Β Investigate the changes in your business in real-time, identify the main drivers and start taking action.Β 
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An impact focused view

β€œHow we measure and increase the value of analytics?” is one of the most-discussed questions among business and data teams. With Kausa, teams start their analysis with a view that is highlighting impact and can quickly see the actual contribution from different dimensions.

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Identify the drivers without a bias

When analysts need to slice and dice data for several hours, they have certain go-to variables they drill down. While this can speed up the manual process, it also leads to certain variables being overlooked. Kausa implements impact-oriented sorting and displays most critical factors automatically without any user bias.

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Easier access to insights

It is humanly not possible to test every scenario in complex datasets. Having Kausa's impact-oriented prioritization at their fingertips, data teams are empowered to have a granular view that surfaces actionable insights. They can go wide or dig deep in their data within minutes, looking into different parameters and testing millions of hypotheses.

Go deeper into your data.Β Β Understand why your north star metrics are changing to drive business impact fast.Β 
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Uncover why metrics change and start taking action

Close the data-decision gap with Kausa. Focus on the actual contribution of the factors and combination of factors driving the changes within your metrics and start improving your business performance by making adjustments in the most impactful areas.

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Stay ahead of the game

Receive daily messages on key metric changes and its main contributors, to immediately know what happened and why. In order to be more agile and fit into your workflows, we integrate with the products data teams use on a daily basis.

Kausa fits into your stack

We seamlessly integrate with your existing data stack, so that we can best support your business needs with minimum effort from your teams.

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