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Gain a competitive edge with data agility

Data complexity and volume are growing and the business is demanding more, increasing the pressure to understand metric changes quickly and make constant improvements. While high-level revenue metrics can be analyzed rather quickly, more complex metrics such as customer lifetime value (CLV), average order value, or attrition rates and their interaction with one another demand significant time and manual analysis.

Kausa allows you to see these relations instantly and pinpoints the changes that matter the most. So that, you can shift from reactive to proactive analytics, communicating insights across teams and taking actions to improve business performance.

How can Kausa help?


Average Order Value (AOV)

Average Order Value is a solid profitability indicator. Take the most impactful actions by diagnosing drivers, like campaigns, promotions, and product SKUs, that are causing the change in this key metric


Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Customer Lifetime Value is a key metric to create long-term value. Inform decisions on how to drive this metric up, by leveraging all your customer, marketing, and product data


Recurring revenue

It’s imperative to be on top of recurring revenue as it predicts future growth. Drill down to the factors affecting this metric over time, down to the account and customer level, to drive the best decisions in real-time


Conversion Rates (CR)

Your go-to-market strategy is a gated process comprised of several stages. Quickly assess related metrics impacting conversion rates across the funnel (e.g., trial conversion rate) to fine-tune your conversions and fuel growth

Complex metrics don't need to require complex tools and processes. Β Diagnose what drives sales success within minutes and take proactive measures to improve performance. Β