Understand why consumer behavior changes instantly

Your average basket size went down this week, but repeat purchases went up. But why? Get answers to critical business questions and act fast to improve performance

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Customer preferences are changing constantly

eCommerce and Retail companies have access to more data on sales performance, customers and products than ever before. But understanding why your north star metrics change and extracting actionable insights is challenging with so many drivers interacting with one another.

Good news is, it is possible to extract actionable insights from your data! Kausa dives deeper into your data, prioritizes the variables having the strongest effect on your metrics and enables you to act on the most impactful levers. Empower your commercial teams with data-based insights and accelerate growth with Kausa.

How can Kausa help?


Attract new customers

Intensify your performance marketing efforts by getting a thorough understanding of your target audience and what is driving your customer acquisition costs (CAC)


Drive revenue growth

Take a closer look into the combination of factors affecting average order value, conversion rate and cart abandonment rate to increase profits


Improve customer loyalty

Track and diagnose Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), retention rate and share of repeat customers to build customer loyalty in a competitive market


Product assortment

Understand the best product fit for each customer segment and market to increase conversion rates and promotion efficiency

Responding to changing consumer preferences promptly requires real-time insights.  Use augmented analytics to understand your customers and key metrics within minutes.