Win the user acquisition and engagement battle

Diagnose which marketing campaigns in which channels are over and underperforming and diagnose key retention and engagement metrics changes before it’s too late

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Keep up with the fast-changing landscape

Gaming is a fast-changing and complex landscape, where you need to make accurate decisions fast to acquire users, grow games and understand what’s working in a global marketplace of players.

From user acquisition (UA) to product launches and gaming improvements, Kausa helps your UA and product teams understand how to optimize installs and monetization faster than any other platform. Accelerate your marketing and gaming analytics with Kausa to outperform competitors.

How can Kausa help?


Accelerate User Acquisition

Get a granular view of the factors affecting Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) or Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in minutes


Maximize monetization

Test numerous hypotheses to improve conversion rates for in-app-purchases (IAP) and to grow revenue


Increase retention

Prevent churn by analyzing various variables such as last activity, acquisition date and transaction amount


Build player loyalty

Asses user engagement across different games, levels and diagnose the impact of new releases and updates

Complex analytics questions took around 1 week and involved many analysts testing all hypotheses. With Kausa, we can now understand changes in key metrics in minutes and are not overlooking any insights or opportunities.

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Christopher Ling

Director of Data Platform & Analytics at Kolibri Games

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Pace of gaming industry demands proactive decisions. Β Rely on strategic insights to deliver the best gaming experience for your players and reach new ones. Β