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Stay on top of competition

The growing online market and the increased price sensitivity among consumers opens up new possibilities for online marketplaces. While opportunities grow, so do the challenges. Most market places are facing increased competition due to new players entering the market and offering similar services, making it critical to optimize their GTM funnel and accelerate customer acquisition.

Kausa can help you navigate in this fragmented market and outperform the competition, taking a thorough look into factors affecting conversion, transactions and retention.

How can Kausa help?


Accelerate customer acquisition

Get a granular view of the variables affecting ad performance and customer acquisition costs (CAC)


Optimize sales funnel

Test out millions of hypotheses to understand where and why customers jumping off without completing a transaction to improve CTR and conversion rates


Grow revenue

Drill down into granular customer and supplier data within minutes to uncover opportunities to improve take rate


Improve customer loyalty

Keep a close eye on retention rate and share of repeat customers as well as their key drivers to strengthen customer loyalty

Turn challenges of a fragmented market space into opportunities.  Take advantage of data-based insights to connect your sellers and customers and grow revenue.