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Understand what catches and retains audience attention

The entertainment & media industry is growing massively, increasing the need to defend market share and making it even more challenging to drive growth. Customers easily switch between platforms and expect high-quality content that is customized to their individual preferences.

To beat the competition, content providers need to have a thorough understanding of which content resonates the most with their audience and why key metrics such as weekly active users or session duration change. Kausa will help you to keep up with ever-changing audience preferences with real-time insights and increase customer growth and retention.

How can Kausa help?


Enhance audience engagement

Understand audience preferences within minutes to increase the average session duration or video retention rate


Improve content distribution

Find out what content resonates the best with each audience segment to deliver it at the right time and captivate them


Increase customer retention

Understand the factors causing your audience to churn, interfere and improve the experience early to increase the customer lifetime value


Drive consumer growth

Optimize customer acquisition costs by analyzing factors and combination of factors affecting subscriber growth and renewal rate

Know and understand your audience at a granular level.  Reveal significant trends immediately with root-cause analysis.