Understand why your business metrics change

Dashboards are great to understand what happened, but not why. There are too many relevant factors to evaluate and your business is changing fast. Therefore, it’s very hard to understand the why in your dashboards. Your analysts are overwhelmed and can’t answer all your questions. You’d like to quickly understand why your metric has changed to take actions before it’s too late.

Kausa helps you quickly uncover data-based insights and start acting on them to drive business impact.

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Comprehensive decision-making at the speed of business

Kausa’s ML-powered engine tests every hypothesis in your data in a matter of minutes. Every factor, combination of factors and permutation… And it does it much faster than if your analysts were to carry this exploration process. Therefore, you can make decisions before it’s too late and your analysts can focus on actual value-add activities that require their business expertise.

Go deeper than dashboards.Β Understand why your north star metrics are changing to drive business impact fast. Β 
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Drill down to the why for better decisions

Companies have access to more data than ever, but making sense of it isn’t always easy and not at the fingertips of business units. Kausa’s augmented analytics platform uncovers all the possible drivers of any key business metric change. Therefore, you do not only test the usual suspects available on dashboards, but also discover comprehensive insights to make better, more informed decisions.

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Be agile, adapt your tactics and outperform competition

Businesses are moving faster than ever. The ability to respond fast is a key success factor. As your business changes, Kausa’s decision intelligence platform provides accurate insights in real-time, enabling you to accommodate and adapt in an agile manner and improve decision-making process.