Be the trusted advisor that delivers actionable insights

Proactively provide all the answers before they are asked with Kausa’s augmented analytics platform. Then you can provide more impact and focus on core business faster.

Time to scale diagnostic analytics

The business is demanding more, but drilling down to why a key business metric changed tend to take hours with dashboards. While you are trying to play catch up with the increased volume of requests, and rapidly-changing questions, your data keeps increasing in volume and complexity. Your team is mainly reacting to many requests, searching for reasons in dashboards.

Kausa allows you to find the business drivers instantly. Therefore, you can shift from reactive to proactive analytics, being on top of changes and delivering valuable insights to your business counterparts in real-time.

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Deliver more with less effort and time

No more prioritization among business questions or compromise between thoroughness and speed. Kausa allows you to answer all the questions and explore all the variables, drivers, and potential permutations in real-time. This way you can be fully confident in your recommendations and deliver insights at the speed of business.

Spend less time trying to answer rapidly fired questions. Take on a strategic role by understanding why your key metrics change.  
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Automate the repetitive mundane work, focus on the core

Kausa automatically tests every factor and combination of factors in your data, as well as scoring the business drivers. This way, you instantly understand why key metrics are changing and your data analysts can focus on their expertise and communicating insights to drive action.


Strengthen data culture through insights and business impact

Kausa allows your team to answer why key business metrics are changing and deliver more insights with more depth. Tying data closely to business impact, you can reinforce the data culture within your company and emphasize the value of data teams.

Kausa fits into your stack

Dashboards and reporting tools help you to understand what is happening, Kausa enables you to dive deeper and understand why.

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